Curriculum Assessment at North Davao Colleges

Our class in Curriculum Assessment at North Davao Colleges (NDC), Panabo is surely my number one favorite subject! I can’t lie, okay? Anyway, what I like primarily is our Prof’s style of teaching. I wonder if that’s constructivism. I just thought it’s more of a common sense approach that he applies. And I appreciate him for that. I am blissfully been absorbing and learning a LOT!

In his class, we don’t memorize anything. We just understand and familiarize ourselves with the proper guidelines especially in test construction (the lesson tackled so far). We usually have open-note quizzes. And afterwards, we check our own paper.

By checking my own paper, I am able to benefit tremendously from correcting my own mistakes. I would say that I could easily tattoo the desirable methods and the ‘what-not-to-do when you make your own test assessments‘ in my brain.

The following are the other lessons that I am appreciative of and have truly made a personal impact that I decided to adapt my Prof’s style of teaching, someday:

  1. don’t be afraid in committing mistakes, it’s the easiest way to learn
  2.  admit and learn from your mistakes, that’s a good practice to becoming better next time
  3. learning should be fun and freeing
  4. learning should be practical and with common sense
  5. celebrate little sweet victories when you answer correctly
  6. DO NOT RIDICULE others who might have not yet been exposed to proper test construction techniques
  7. your prof should worth your money and he must be smart and humble

Well, I will definitely include this entry of God’s special favor in providing one great precious teacher in my curriculum assessment subject at the North Davao Colleges.

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