FS Diary – Met with the Principal of Child of God Learning Center, Inc.

My classmates and I went to the Child of God Learning Center, Inc. at Barangay San Vicente, Buhangin, Davao City this morning. We met with the principal and directress of the school, Mrs. Elenita M. Cagasan. She oriented us immediately. I really liked the way she accommodated us and taught us some life principles as well. She allowed us to take photos around their three-storey school. She even expected that we demo in one of the classes, too. I honestly was not interested in doing it because it was not part of our Field Study. I felt obliged but I didn’t want to add more stress balancing work and FS. I objected with the idea and explained that we will only be observing and it was not part of the reason why we were there. She conceded though. And I sighed for relief. I know it was an opportunity to practice but I just can’t commit and compromise. What I only had in mind was completing the three required FS episodes first. Maybe I’d do it next time though, when God opens the door. For the meantime, got to prepare for tomorrow’s FS observation!

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