FS Diary – Supposedly Day One

We have scheduled our FS observation every Wednesday and Friday. So I arrived at the school past eight AM today. My classmates weren’t able to come – for some reason or another. Maybe they decided to just visit this afternoon. I just can’t tell.

The principal instructed me to go to the teacher in-charge for observing or practicum students, Teacher Moyet, on the third floor of their school. I inquired from another teacher there, Teacher Nina. It lifted my spirit upon learning that she graduated from USEP in 2010. I have co-alumni there!

She said they too had their FS. I was relieved because someone among the teachers could really relate with our whereabouts there – someone who is able to explain and differentiate between observing students and those practice teaching. She also said that we were the first batch entertained to go on FS by the principal. I call it, God’s grace, so I better not mess this one up.

When Teacher Moyet finally arrived, because she bought camote que on the first floor, she referred me to Teacher Nilo (am not sure, need to double check his name, haha!). Teacher Nilo is the Math teacher of Grade 6 and he also handles Grade 2 and Preschool.

Teacher Nina suggested that I should come back next week or earlier tomorrow so that I could discuss with Teacher Nilo my FS. At that time by the way, Teacher Nilo had Math class with the Grade 2 pupils so I was not able to meet with him. I hope to drop by tomorrow, God willing…

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