FS Diary – Just Day 2

It was my second time to observe at the Grade Six Math class. I did FS 1 Episode 2. It was quite easy I would say. I am yet to consolidate my observations tonight.

While observing with a Math subject, I realised that I needed to review Math now. The course that I graduated from heavily dealt with it. We had higher Maths in engineering. While sitting there this morning I figured that my skills got rust. It badly needs lubricating.

I appreciate the experience however because I get to review in advance for LET. At least I’ll have months familiarizing with the techniques and formulas once again. And I love doing the basics!

Teacher Muyet asked me if I’d be teaching soon. I’d loved to say “YES!” But I was apprehensive that she might assign a class to me which I won’t be so committed to do for the fact that I am a full-time employee so I just said, maybe not immediately. Anyway, if God permits it then maybe I would. Again, God opens and closes doors.

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