Best Grade Ever!

My boss has allowed me once again to excuse from work to give me time to follow-up my grades at NDC. I leave by 2 pm. I stop the bus and immediately jump inside. I am glad that the seat available is near the window. It is always my favorite spot when riding a bus.

Little did I know though that nobody would like to sit at the side where the sun’s rays mercilessly penetrate through the glass window. I almost regretted to having hopped in a bus because my original plan is to go to Panabo by van.

I have no other choice but to withstand the scorching heat. I can feel my sweat trickling down my head, down to my neck, down between my breasts. It is ticklish so I would press my chest and pull my shirt. I can even feel some liquids dropping down my stomach. My back is almost as wet. I decide to lean forward on my seat.

As I am going to follow-up my grades and see how I fare on my Sunday school subjects especially my Field studies, I bring with me my green document filer. I use it as shield from the direct heat. But it definitely tires me covering my face with the filer. It is confusing too what to prioritize, my face or my left hand.

I am silently praying that clouds would cover the afternoon sun. I peek outside to see any formation. Clouds are such unpredictable. So I lower my expectations, especially on my grades. I submitted my Field Studies much later than set deadlines. I am such a mess. I just couldn’t be prompt. I am always lazy and complacent.

Fortunately, the passenger in front requests the ticketing officer to open the window on her side. I truly benefit from her decision. While being hit by the direct sun waves, the blowing wind compensates my uneasiness. Whatever my remarks are on my transcript, I will be grateful. I will just make up next time; whenever that will be allowed.

I now arrive at Panabo. I call for a tricycle but the driver refuses to drop me at NDC. I am dismay. But fortunately, one driver stops and allows me to ride. He explains that some drivers are choosy or would rather pick up passengers who will pay higher rates. It’s educational I think.

I now enter the campus and immediately walk to the registrar’s office. I am excited to submit my passport size picture with name tag that will be scanned and printed on my official transcript of record.

The releasing in charge however explains that my transcript from the school where I last attended has not responded to their request of honorable dismissal. She says she will give me a letter that will allow me to hand carry the document instead.

That spells of course going back to USeP. It is disappointing knowing the poor system of our school transactions. I admit being daunted with the idea. I’m now just crossing fingers that it would improve soon. I sigh. USeP… again…

So I wait for her as she processes the letter. She lets me sit down on a chair near her computer table. I look and scan through the documents lying on the desk. My eyes grow wide open as I see my documents. I feel so anxious over my grades. I am reluctant to touch it but I couldn’t help myself. I need to see my grades.

I gather courage and timidly ask, could I see my grades? She smiles and nods, yes Ma’am.

Without hesitation I quickly grab the document. I flip through the pages. My fingers are slightly shaking. I am hunting for failed or incomplete grades as I did not attend the final exams for The Teaching Profession subject. I sigh with relief for I pass all the subjects. I have 1.5 as the lowest grade.

Then I remember the only subject that took off some sleep from me for quite some time now – Educ 8/11 and FS 5. I forget what the subjects are but I am sure the teacher is Sir John.

The widest smile is painted on my face. I have never been so happy seeing my grades since high school. He gave me two of the highest scores printed on my transcript! The highest being is Field Study 5.

I chuckle for disbelief that he gave me the grade. I submitted it late and all. My grammar had surely rumbled. The in charge notices my surprise and asks why. I like to burst with joy and jump but I hold it. I just say it’s FS 5. She looks at me with wonderment and I explain, Sir John’s subject.

She then says, aah! Let me see. I show her. I couldn’t be any prouder than that moment. She comments, because it was the way that you answered your FS that Sir John gave you that grade. She adds, he can really see through each work. He is good at that.

I become speechless. That is a compliment of course! I always thought that he is totally strict on deadlines. I have been hopeful though that he would read my work. Sure he did, but the grade? It’s truly surprising!

My favorite teacher gives me my best grade EVER!!!

I could not thank God enough for allowing me to meet one encouraging teacher that I decided to take BLEPT this August. I need to pass it with flying colors for the trust and sincerity that I see from my model professor. May God help me!!!


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