My 2014 LET Application

This is how I processed my LET application in June 2014. I forgot to update an entry immediately. So, please bear with me if I won’t be able to give so much info. But the photos below will surely give you the idea. ^__^

One disadvantage of applying on deadline is obviously, long lines. I came around 7AM and there were 400+ reserved numbers already. Some applicants spent overnight so they were prioritized. I think that was fair considering the far places where they came from. Anyway, I got 523.

I knew I had no chance to complete my filing in the morning. So, I took out my reviewers to read a bit. But, I can’t concentrate with the noise. I went to the cafeteria instead and watched the NBA finals. I saw Spurs won, my favorite team. An idea fired up! If my fave team could champion the NBA, then I must by all means do likewise. I must succeed like they did. I was inspired and promised myself to pass the LET with flying colors! However, the painstaking application process was getting in the way, my mind battled. Thus, I firmly decided to finish processing no matter what!

Then 3PM came. I finally came nearer at the entrance of PRC. If I were to change anything in the process, I would wish that the Official Transcript of Records (OTR) would have been released earlier. However, inevitable delays and other circumstances (like financial resource for the transcript or for  LET registration fees or teachers not submitting grades on time because some of your classmates did not turn in their projects on time) might happen so you just have to accept and deal with things positively.

Anyway, if you fall into the category of filing late, the best things to do would be to smile, take a deep breath, and chat with your co-applicants. I was really amazed by how far my co-LET takers had come from. I decided to talk to strangers because I was just an earner. I found it interesting to network to those who really devoted a great amount of their time majoring Education. It was beneficial, I believe, because there was this one guy I met.

Their school was sponsoring free review for their students after their graduation in May. He spent a month already for the review by the time that he was filing for LET. He shared a lot about their review on Professional Education subjects. I remember that that was a great short-cut learning experience for me. One of my teachers said it’s called BRANCHING. I didn’t get bored while waiting to get inside the PRC building because in a way, I was also reviewing for LET! 😉

Here are some of the photos:

My 2014 LET Application
We were given priority numbers because the number of applicants that should process inside PRC was controlled for smoother flow I suppose. Nearing the entrance at 3:44 PM.
My 2014 LET Application
There were 3 windows opened to accept the requirements for taking the LET. This was 4:13 PM.
My 2014 LET Application
Make sure that you also applied at PRC online. Was still waiting at 5:17 PM.
My 2014 LET Application
Finally paid at the cashier by 5:37 PM.
My 2014 LET Application
Done processing for LET at 5:52 PM.

Two quick points by the way. Secure your legitimate NSO birth certificate. If ever there are discrepancies, iron it out ahead on time. I had a batch mate who had an incomplete birthdate. I remember it did not have a complete birth year and she had to process it in Leyte. As a result, she wasn’t able to take the LET last year.

Another thing is the SO (Special Orders). I graduated from a state university so I didn’t have any issue with this. But one of the applicants I met didn’t have an SO reflected on her transcript. She was advised to go back to her previous school which was about 3 hours away from Davao City at around 5 PM. You can imagine the disappointment and despair on her face at that last day of filing. Please avoid these problems, okay? And I hope this 2014 LET application nostalgia will equip you with some knowledge as you take the exams. May God bless you!!!



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