I Feel So Inadequate

If I could do things differently, I could have had over-prepared while the classes hasn’t yet started. The problem though, I couldn’t anticipate all these messes in advance. It’s really hard to start as a teacher. Nevertheless, the patience and the tricks that I might learn will all be worth it. It’s really a struggle to balance everything. It’s not easy to juggle paper works, making exams, classroom management and the other extra-curricular activities given to the newbies. I honestly at the point of quitting because of my never-ending pending tasks. On the other hand however, I am always fueled up of the fact that I could always improve on the things that I have not yet performed well. Maybe this is passion in action? Instead of being depressed sometimes, I cling on to the excitement to make things better and the chance that I could still get as long as the sun rises. I am passing this very rough road for now, there’s no denying that. I also admit that it’s tiring to start a career as a teacher. And I am only here for one month and two weeks! Maybe because of the paper works and stuffs that I am losing heart. Well, it’s part of the learning process I guess. Amidst everything, I trust that God will help me get used to this and be much more prepared. Patience. Patience. Patience. ^__^

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