Teacher 1 Application: Endorsement Interview Be Like

I thought I totally blew up my chance for a congressional item last week as this post lamented.

I received a text message at 9 AM. It was about another interview that will be held at 2 PM.

To kill time, I researched about our district representative, just in case I would be tested.

By 1PM, I decided to chill under the shade at People’s Park. It was really comforting and I tried to calm myself. I shouldn’t make the same mistakes again.

People's Park Davao

The most important key that I didn’t apply last week was benching. In other words, talking to my fellow applicants and exchange useful information.

Compared last time, I relied on instinct. I ended up not following the exact instructions. As a result, I was sent outside and promised to be texted for another interview.

I was really disappointed with myself. I felt like I was a jerk wasting other people’s time. T__T

And I thank God for He heard my prayers and I was given a second opportunity!

By 1:30PM, I went to the venue of the interview. I met about seven applicants and I chatted with them. We were all hopeful and we cheered each other up because we learned that the interviewer was strict. Yikes!

However, to be fair, I think she was just doing her job and it would really test if you deserve the item or not.

I was the last to be interviewed at around 5PM.

I knocked and entered the room. I was so nervous, I just smiled. She smiled back but immediately turned on her beast mode. She started asking about where I graduated and my voice quivered as I answered.

Eventually, I got over my fears and mental block and reminded myself that the person in front of me did not study my folder and was just fishing for questions from the words that come out from my mouth. Besides, the interview was about me and nobody knows me but me! Ha-ha!

I ended up disproving the first description about our interviewer. She was highly intellect and nice to talk to!

I am satisfied with my interview and I lay everything to God whichever way this thing might lead. I believe everything will fall into place soon!

Hash tag: feeling hopeful!



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