Teacher 1 Application: When There Is An Open Door

I have given the past five months of the year pursuing a teaching position in public schools. About three weeks ago, I made it through the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA).

Ideally, I should already have an item but I learned that I should never ever assume and be self-entitled. This waiting period now will make me vulnerable. It’s reality. I might be discouraged upon learning that others will be well-favored.

However, I will still fight and do my best to do my best should opportunity present itself.

One opportunity I have in hand is to be a Barangay volunteer (with an honorarium) for few weeks or months while waiting for an item. The chairman told us that we will have to prove our worth should we desire to teach in their newly established high school.

photo credit: c’est quoi là bas? via photopin (license)

Of course, I would love to be and I would do my best. Also, I thank God for this open door. No one could ever bestow me such favor except His mighty hands.

For the meantime, I will keep my expectations low. I will just perform with all that I can as a Science teacher and an adviser. May God help me!

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