Public School Teacher (Volunteer): Day 1

As a newly established entity, Erico T. Nograles National High School-B in Bago Aplaya, has a lot of challenges to overcome in its first year of operation. One of them is the inadequacy of teachers. I am fortunate however, that after making it to the RQA, I am allowed to volunteer in this high school. The Barangay Chairman promised us honorarium for our service.

I torn the middle part of the paper, eh? And mess up the right page? It’s called over-excitement and immaturity.

In July, may be, by God’s will, I will finally be appointed for an item. I hope I could stay but just like water, I have to be flexible. Whichever door is open, then there I will enter. If it’s for me, surely God would hear my prayers and grant my request. For the meantime, I had to do something to give back to my own barangay.

Okay, aside from lack of teachers, we have no school building yet. We have to occupy the 2nd and 3rd floors of the barangay hall temporarily. There are three Grade 7 sections and one Grade 8 enrolled so far. I am tasked as the adviser for the third section. I am also assigned to teach Science 7.

I feel a mix of excitement and anxiousness right now. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, the first time that I will be meeting my students. I talked to a retired elementary teacher last Saturday.

She told me, “Don’t worry and just enjoy! And don’t forget to smile!”

Well, I might trust her words… Let’s see…


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