Erico T. Nograles NHS Teacher (Volunteer): Day 2

I arrived at 7:00 AM today at Erico T. Nograles National High School B in Barangay Bago Aplaya and got the chance to take some photos of its temporary school building.

Thru the signing of SO No. R-XI-12, s.2015, Erico T. Nograles National High School-B was finally established in Brgy. Bago Aplaya. It now caters grades 7 & 8 for SY 2016-2017.
The barangay hall serves as the temporary classroom. Thru the cooperation of its school-in-charge and the barangay council, the third floor is divided to three sections for the Grade 7. Meanwhile, Grade 8 students occupy the left side of the second floor.
Some parents and students arrive early on Day 2. Their enthusiasm is contagious.
Just another shot while I observe on the third floor. While this is only a temporary setup, I am still grateful that the concerned local officials see to it that the children will learn on decent environment.
Parents and students are asked to bring their own chairs (if they are able) because the available monobloc chairs of the barangay hall will not suffice the number of students enrolled. Shown is the second section of Grade 7.
This area is for the third section of Grade 7 students. About 40 would occupy this as soon as classes start at 7:30 AM.
Being the first day of our meeting, my students and I have to set boundaries in order to achieve a smoother flow of our lessons. Their first task is to present a role play about one class rule and show the possible consequences of it not being followed.
This is by the way the first section of Grade 7 students.



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