School Competition Be Like

Two weeks before our Intramurals, I decided not to participate to any faculty assignments. I know how tedious handling such event was. Anyway, I was not “IN” yet.

After my first period class, I was informed that there would be a Power Dance Competition among four sections. I nodded at my students as they enumerated the events that they planned to participate.

I was going my way out of our classroom when I noticed their sad faces…

I asked, “Oh! Why do you look sad?”

Reluctant at first but they could not hide their hurt.

They said someone told them that they were not good enough and that they will surely finish last. Their confidence were crushed.

I sensed something – my advisory class needed me.

I asked them who said so, assuming it was a normal childish bully with their peers from the other sections.

I was shocked to learn that it was a comment made by another teacher.

I was tongue-tied. I didn’t want to let any of my co-teachers back stabbed in front of my students. I needed to give the benefit of the doubt.

For some seconds, I was quiet and decided to brush off the topic and told them they can do it!

Two weeks after, after enjoying our very first Intramurals, these are the lessons I learned from having our school competition:

  1. Do not compete to beat the other classes solely. Compete because you have exceeded your limits and that there is something that you can offer to make others have a more memorable experience with you.
  2. Do not compete because you want to pull others down and downgrade their self-worth by tactless words. Instead, with the same mouth, build them up. That way, you will be more satisfied with your efforts to get the champ.
  3. Do compete in order to bring back the glory to God, for the talents and favor He showered, whether obvious or not, and share them with the people around.

We won the second place a notch higher from the class of that tactless teacher. Ooops! Peace out!


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