5 Ways to Maintain Professional Teacher Image

I needed extra guide for RPMS (Result-based Performance Management System) so I read its manual. If followed solemnly, I figured it is a great tool to becoming the role model image of a professional teacher.

The following are some insights that I reflected upon and hope to apply and improve on in the coming months.

  1. Be Trustworthy

    Being trustworthy means letting your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and ‘no’, ‘no’. Based on my classroom experience, if I say “We will have a quiz tomorrow”, I must give it the following day and never postpone.Otherwise, the students will look for creative ways to distract me and make me forget about it on the next meeting.

    The same is also true when it comes to collecting projects on deadlines and giving additional points that I promised to punctual students.

    Being trustworthy promotes justice to learners who go to school prepared and obediently completed their tasks on time.

    Meanwhile, as an employee, I must improve on this area because being a newly-hired, I am still juggling and developing a rhythm for paperwork. If there is one thing though, I must apply under promise and over deliver method if given any task.

  2. Be on a Regular Attendance

    The presence of an authority inside a classroom is truly vital. As much as I can, I should never miss any of my classes except for emergency or more important scheduled activities.Some students have to feel safe and secured at school while others have to be minimized in creating chaos and disorder inside the classroom.

  3. Be Punctual

    Time-management is something that I needed to truly master. Now, I figured that I must log-in 30 minutes before the official time. I figure that if I become more punctual, my students would follow my example and submit themselves or their projects ahead of time.

  4. Have a Good Grooming

    I have two sets of uniform and they must be promptly washed and properly ironed should I want to look dignified. I must improve on my prepping time to look more presentable and pleasing.

  5. Have Good Communication Skills

    If I needed to cancel any appointments, I must notify in advance or I will be disrespectful. I must continue learning some English disciplines or invest some hours YouTubing them.

My next three months for school year 2016-2017 is going to be hectic and yet challenging. May I be able to keep up with these 5 ways to maintain a professional teacher image!

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