Oh No! Brigada Eskwela Coordinator Assignment!!!

Realizing the scope of being a Brigada Eskwela Coordinator, I now begin to wonder, “What on Earth did I sign up for?”

I am clueless, all right? But as a newbie teacher, how can I say “NO”?

On the other hand and quite honestly, I love the fact that there will be plenty of learning experiences that I will be gleaning throughout the process from this Brigada Eskwela Coordinator assignment. Some of these lessons so far are:

  1. Read the Manual (A MUST)

    Okay, the manual is intended for the School Heads. However, since teachers are the
    main facilitators in each committee, I think it is necessary that we are also equipped with the knowledge why we are doing a Brigada Eskwela or the National Schools Maintenance Week every May.

    iwannabeteacher3 (1)

    The manual is also a great tool that will help in the conduct of a successful Brigada Eskwela in every school because, according to the preface, the nuggets of wisdom from the manual come from series of consultations and workshops from the school heads who had been awarded as best implementers of the program. It should be inspiring!

  2. Leave Plenty of Rooms for Improvement

    I will not put so much pressure on myself since this is the first time that I will be handling this assignment. However, I will do my best to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of being a Brigada Eskwela Coordinator.

    I will do all that is humanly possible for me to perform with my limited experience in public school. I will be open to suggestions, questions, and corrections. I will be as liquid as possible to come out smoothly from this task.

  3. Enjoy the Process

    I have been pushed to do this. Haha! But I guess, to make the most out of this seemingly daunting challenge, I should be grateful that I will be doing something that I haven’t done before. I hate organizing events. I always wanted to be the silent backstage member who invisibly contribute to the event’s success. But well, what can I do now? I’ll simply accept and SMILE!

In the next few days, I will be blogging about my Brigada Eskwela Coordinator experience. I badly need this outlet to help me sort things out and appreciate the reason why “iwannabeteacher”! ‘Til next time!

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