Nearing Burnout (#Tagam!)

Despite the shortage of teachers, we execute our plan A back in June to compensate for our opening of four-graded junior high school while we are still on our second year of school operations. Everything flowed smoothly until ROV (Request of Vacancy) issues came up.

Back in May, our school got its own three national teacher items. We were excited about that development and how we wish our detailed status could be exchanged with it. But we cannot afford it at this time. It will be too selfish.

On the spot, newly registered qualified applicants were contacted. We helped our school head scout willing people to join our humble baby steps beginning.

We experienced making an ROV for the very first time and our hopes were high upon submission to the Division Office. However, not so much of a surprise, adjustments have to be made.

I cannot disclose everything that happened because I sincerely believe that proper authorities are doing their best and are getting on-task in order to provide qualified teachers to the public schools.

The thing is that however, the more delays are encountered, the longer the agonies of the applicants are and the longer our learners suffer.

Of course, it is the call of the school head to resolve such matters. And whether we like it or not, teachers on the ground have to shoulder all the burden to address all teacher shortage.

Every class gaps fall on our plate and yes, it is very exhausting most of time. Aside from that, it always seems like we are the only three younger people doing most of the important school tasks from academics to extra-curricular activities to community services to school reports.

I just could not see myself effective sometimes. I certainly fear of being burnout. I am glad I have this platform to reflect on and share this piece of complaint over being overworked. I signed up for this in the first place. So, I must deal with this! #Tagam

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