3-Year Teacher Induction Program

My life-long mentor who happened to be my former fourth year high school adviser had once mentioned about TIP (Teacher Induction Program). Three years ago (2014), I was not as confident in taking the LET and venture on a teaching career path because I had no formal training in Education Profession. But his words of encouragement had kindled the desire to try out this field because he guaranteed that necessary trainings are to be provided by the public school system.

Fast forward today (2017), I was able to attend, with my school head, the first ever Cluster 2 meeting for the school year 2017-2018. Junior high schools in Davao City are subdivided into clusters and fortunately enough for us, we belonged to the very active and competitive second cluster. It was surreal for me because for the first time, I got to experience how big schools practice the implementation of DepEd programs.

Being a pioneer teacher, without even knowing about department heads, master teachers and other public school lingo, I felt a bit of culture shock and a mix of excitement because with our inclusion of the Teacher Induction Program (TIP) under DepEd Order No. 43, s. 2017, all my apprehensions and insecurities as a newly-hired teacher in a baby school will all be addressed finally and I will be better equipped inside the classroom.

It will take me three years to develop into the standard that the department requires but all I know is that, if I undergo this program, my learners will greatly benefit and I could prove that I should not worry being an Education earner because training will be provided by the public school system as my life-long mentor had told me three years ago. I consider this opportunity as God-given. I have been frustrated into becoming a better educator and this is the answer I believe to my dilemma.

My professor, when I was earning my units in education, told us that if we ever engage and practice as teachers, we have to become the “Best Teacher” there could be. I will try to implement her orders today and I will start this adventure with the 3-year Teacher Induction Program of the Department of Education.

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