Four Years in the Making…

Four years after venturing on this teaching career, I look back and figure, yes, I have gone too far and have never regretted a single thing on this path.

I don’t know if this thing is passion of sort but all I know is that, I want to share what I have learned with my students and at the end of the day, I cross my fingers hoping that I have inspired them to learn on their own, disregarding their low scores.

I remember four years ago, I was only a wishful, frustrated, wanna-be teacher. I was unsure if I could make it. I laughed at myself because of the idea of thriving inside a four-walled classroom. I was clueless whether or not I could handle diverse personalities and temperaments.

It’s been four years since… But, I have never felt this satisfied upon doing something I believe I can become better. My prof once said, “If ever you are going to be a teacher, be the best there could be.” It was a tall order then, and now. However, it still ignites this burning desire to live up to that standard and I don’t mind missing the bar.

Being a newly established school, we are years behind than those larger ones and it is just fine. We lag on keeping up with the school calendar and on time-sensitive deadlines but it’s okay.

I know we are far from the junior high school standard on the land but three things are sure:
One, we have a fertile ground to grow and to improve on the art of teaching;
Two, we have a fertile ground to motivate and to inspire our learners; and
Three, we have a fertile ground to be idealistic.

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