Math Remedial & Enrichments

It’s my first time to teach Math 7. I was confident at first, thinking that I can handle this learning content beyond a hundred percent. Unfortunately, delivering my lessons to very diverse learners is my single greatest dilemma. What more, they are the energetic and highly kinesthetic twelve-year-olds.

Some are truly advanced that I find my lessons boring. Some take a lot of time and reinforcement to master the expected learning outcomes.

Eight months. I have been questioning myself why on earth I teach Math. I need to reform or else I will not leave anything to my Grade 7 learners.

Some mistakes I made is that I relied heavily upon the learner’s material which I find too hard for my average students to grasp. I am prejudging based on the countless worksheets that I needed to download so that my learners could master the skills.

There is this huge gap between Math 7 readiness and the actual learner on the level. This problem has lingered for too long until one of my learners who badly needs intervention repeatedly asked me when his remedial would be.

I was surprised at first and was not able to reply immediately. Then I psyched myself up, “Strike while the iron is hot!”

Within twenty minutes, I managed to print the waivers for the parents to allow their children to come on remedial classes. We finally started this afternoon…

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