School Head Ache

As much as I want to avoid ranting against school authorities, I am here blogging at 4 AM. Sleep seemed to avoid me. Is this anxiety attack?

Seven hours ago, unofficial time for DepEd employees, a message was sent in our group chat. It read that teachers need to contribute P187 because the tax from the Internet was not deducted from the MOOE. That means, we needed to shoulder P3,000.00 plus for the Internet bill’s tax.

It is very disturbing because that liquidation is supposedly for the first quarter of this year. I’m not an expert with this task but it is just weird that the school has not yet moved on from the first months of its budget.

I left some money which I intend to buy equipment for the online class. Now, with the looming compulsory contribution, I must set aside P187 so that the school’s budget will continue to move ahead.

In order to make things black and white, we asked our head for a memo but she became hysterical. I mean, what’s the fuss? What’s the use of shelling money from your own pocket when you don’t even know where it is going? We are not even responsible for the oversight. The thing is, our head only wants everything to be in a verbal agreement and I totally disagree with this.

In fact, she threatened that if we don’t contribute we will no longer have the Internet connection. If we were in-charge this would never happen. She also added to pass the burden to one of my co-teachers. That means, he will solely burden paying the amount due for the tax. It is so insane and for me, it is inhumane of her being the admin.

Her hysterics also include: First, demands us to approach her with professionalism but she’s unable to show us how it should be. She can’t even issue the memo. haha!

Second , she demands respect but she’s unable to give it to us, her teachers, her subordinates.

Third, she doesn’t want us to be tactless but she just flares up with anger with just the mention of whether the collection is authorized or not.

I feel so doom, unfortunate and helpless. I love working as a public school teacher but now, I am very demoralized.

As much as I tried not to post any negativity I just can’t help it. I badly need an outlet. It’s hard to bottle things up. I really need help.

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