Next week is the checking for our School-Based Management (SBM). Alright, that is supposed to be an admin task but as a small school we needed to help out. Part of it is cleaning the first floor classrooms. Yes, we do not have any janitors so as teachers we have to be the ones cleaning in order to make our surrounding more presentable for the evaluators.

I came in late but my colleagues had finished the faculty room. They were almost done with the library applying floorwax when I finally arrived. If you ask, what is floorwax? It’s that red thing that makes your cemented floor shiny. You apply floorwax before scrubbing the floor with a coco husk. The only way to applying it is for you to duck and using a rug in your hand you wipe the floor together with the floorwax. I think ducking is an Asian thing.

After the library, we applied floorwax in the clinic. Then next was my most dreaded place — the principal’s office. My stomach churned with the idea. In my mind, as a leader should she do it herself? She’s not a royal or something. But our faculty president guided us and so we obliged.

It was a humbling experience as a teacher to be applying floorwax in your principal’s office while she was sitting legs crossed on her black sofa. My wishful thinking was, it would be nice for her to lend a hand. But nah! I hated that experience because I know that no matter how much you care for the school, if she has nothing to need from you, she’ll put your reputation down. I hope one day, she’ll realize how she should have been grateful for us. She could have had offered some refreshments! Dammit!

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