I plan to say “Good Bye!”

The new admin is such a breath of fresh air. I never felt like I am part of DepEd since 2016. Right now, I’m living the best experiences in this public school…

Yet, as they say, some good things never last. I’m grateful for the chance of working with a better admin but right now, I need to heal…

And healing could only come from me getting out of this comfort zone. My idealistic point of view of teaching experience had crashed and burned and it’s about time for me to pick up the broken pieces and rebuild my confidence once again.

Every day I wake up and try to be strong. I always make myself believe that I can be a better teacher but time and time again, I couldn’t make it. To be honest, I’m tired of doing extra admin tasks. I just want to teach.

So yeah, I need a place where I could teach. I don’t know how to get there but I want to become a Mathematics teacher in the USA, preferably in El Paso, Texas.

I’ve done this before and this blog has been the outlet for me pursuing this career path of teaching.

There are a lot of things unknown but I’m at the point of going out of my comfort zone. We will see in the coming days where this path leads me…

2 thoughts on “I plan to say “Good Bye!”

  1. As a retired teacher (I taught elementary school in grades 2-6 for 31 years), I always like to see young people entering the profession, though I would imagine it doesn’t get much more demanding than in the middle of Covid. I commend you on your commitment and career choice.

    I take inspiration from anyone who pursues their goals with determination. I’ve decided that in retirement, I’m going to write novels for middle-grades. Of course, that requires learning a new skill set, but why not? After writing a book for new and young teachers (They Call Me Mom—something all elementary teachers can relate to), I just finished my first novel and am currently sending it out to literary agents.

    I wish you the best as you pursue your dreams.

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