I Refused to Comply

The new school head had been bugging me for days because he had been asking me to pay a visit to the school of our former school head. I was evading him because firstly, the school is quite a distance from where I am teaching. Approximately, 2.5-3 hours away back and forth. Secondly, it is not within the cluster where our school belongs. Thirdly, there was no memo so it was not an official business.

I, therefore, ended up giving the following letter to my immediate supervisor:

Dear Sir:

This is to formally give my feedback regarding the visit to (that school where the former school head is currently assigned) to personally speak with (name of former school head), which was verbally communicated with me on (date when it happened). Apparently, the reason to which had not been properly and explicitly disclosed neither did it imply any official business of the DepEd. Hence, I refuse to comply.


And I was relieved when my superior said, “Ma’am, I respect your decision.” And at least he had some closure because he knew where I stand. I went on and proceeded to prep for the summative tests.

What happened next was that my current school head went and met with the former school head together with three of my colleagues. I was spared from the stress of meeting with the former school head and all the toxicity it might bring. My writing the letter to refuse to comply was all worth it. And yeah, there is part 2 of this tomorrow…

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