Something Snapped

It was a typical morning and I was in the midst of the quietest class I taught. It was quite different that day though. When I would enter the classroom, they would soon pay attention. That morning they were not. In fact, they were talking loudly in contrast to what I would tell them that they could talk as long as they minimize their voice. They were in their own world this time.

It may be my pride and it was. I took their noise personally and interpreted it as disrespect. I got mad at them and went into passive-aggressive mode. And something within me just suddenly snapped. I just don’t care anymore. It was like when these students are not gonna value my skills, then there was no point in exerting any effort. I felt like I tried my best to teach them maths the easiest way they can and are able but they wouldn’t care.

So yeah, I’m at the point of giving my best to those who deserve it. I am not the best teacher but sometimes, I also need to value myself. And I tell you, after the pandemic, students’ disrespectful behavior is at a different level.


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