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Hello there!

Thanks for checking out my page.

Just call me Ma’am Analou and I DEFINITELY WANNA BE A TEACHER for only one reason: to fulfill my nine-year-old DREAM!

Yes, sounds like waiting for too long but as that cliché says, better late than never.

I strongly believe that this is my time NOW to become a teacher and I will not let anyone or anything hinder me from reaching my goal.

The path that leads me to becoming a teacher has been so traffic-free that I consider this opportunity as God’s gift.

I will surely put MY ALL just to become a teacher!

Short background

My first bachelor degree majored in Electronics and Communications Engineering which I completed at the University of Southeastern Philippines, Davao City.

On the second semester of school year 2013-2014, I was able to earn 27 units of Professional Education subjects from the North Davao Colleges in Panabo City.

Currently, I am on a journey to passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) that will be taking place this August.

It’s not going be a walk in the park kind of experience, that’s why I’ll blog.

I will share whatever I learn of this art coupled with my regular musings and continue this journey as I WANNA BE A TEACHER!

Hope you enjoy your browse!

Again, thanks for stopping by.

May God be with you!

Original Post on 2013/24/12


I finally got licensed! Too bad, I lost the habit of seriously blogging my journey so far. 😦

I do hope to be diligent again and share everything I learned when taking the LET.

Also, I will be adding some experiences as I venture more deeply of my teaching profession.

Updated on 2015/05/04


SY 2015-2016 was my first teaching experience at the Rogationist Academy Davao, Baracatan, Toril, Davao City. I taught Mathematics 9 and 10, Computer 9 and 10, and EsP 8.

As of keying at 8:58 PM, I am a bit stuck with life waiting for the qualified junior high school applicants list for SY 2016-2017.

Super late update on 2016/05/18


I made it through the RQA on a May 24th results!!!

The barangay chairman confirmed to me yesterday that I will work as a volunteer teacher as yet while waiting for the item since the school year will have started on Monday (June 13) already. He mentioned of an honorarium though. It will be my first time in a public school next week! I praise God for this favor!

Updated on 2016/06/11


On September 27, 2016, I got a spot in public school finally! I was officially hired for Teacher 1 position by the Department of Education, Davao City Division. I am currently assigned to Erico T. Nograles National High School – B, which is a five-minute tricycle ride from our residence. To God be the glory!

Right now, my burning desire is to finish my Master’s degree for Education Management. I previously did not intend to master the admin realm but I still consider this an open door. Let us see where this new challenge take me!

Updated on 2017/24/04


Has been caught up with the hustles and bustles and struggles of a public employee. I don’t even know if I’d last ten years. 😀 It’s a beautiful chapter though.

Updated 2019/28/08


So here I am, 5 years after becoming a public high school teacher. Number 1, COVID-19 has impacted my way of reaching out to my students. We are currently on a modular print and it just so hard getting the lessons through online platforms. My passion has been waning and I’m at the point of leaving the system. I need a fresh start and I need to teach in a new place. Number 2, I got lost in my profession and I need to heal and go back to being child-like once again. I miss my former enthusiastic self… the one who always says, “I wanna be a teacher!”

Updated 2021/01/11

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      1. Hi mamkulotsky! You mean ASEP? No I’m not a member yet.. Wow ECE, even basic subjects in electrical and electronics gave me the creeps back then 😀


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