I Refused to Comply

The new school head had been bugging me for days because he had been asking me to pay a visit to the school of our former school head. I was evading him because firstly, the school is quite a distance from where I am teaching. Approximately, 2.5-3 hours away back and forth. Secondly, it is … Continue reading I Refused to Comply

WHLP – Weekly Home Learning Plan for Math Grade 10

Our new school head is training us to become better educators. One of the documents that we should regularly submit is the Weekly Home Learning Plan (WHLP). It was agreed that each week we will submit our learning plans on the Friday prior. The First Quarter is ending and I thought of sharing my self-made … Continue reading WHLP – Weekly Home Learning Plan for Math Grade 10

Short and Long Term Goals

As I've previously mentioned, I intend to leave my current station and pursue another place to grow as a teacher. I don't know exactly the steps of getting there but I have a draft of the things that I can currently prepare to start taking action. My fiance was generous enough to help me lay … Continue reading Short and Long Term Goals

I plan to say “Good Bye!”

The new admin is such a breath of fresh air. I never felt like I am part of DepEd since 2016. Right now, I'm living the best experiences in this public school... Yet, as they say, some good things never last. I'm grateful for the chance of working with a better admin but right now, … Continue reading I plan to say “Good Bye!”

New Beginning

I can't wait until September is over. We are finally having a new school head. As far as doing task for him is concerned, so far so good. He is also very appreciative and I feel accomplished and valued each time. He is definitely a good leader. The former school is going to transfer. Yes, … Continue reading New Beginning


Next week is the checking for our School-Based Management (SBM). Alright, that is supposed to be an admin task but as a small school we needed to help out. Part of it is cleaning the first floor classrooms. Yes, we do not have any janitors so as teachers we have to be the ones cleaning … Continue reading Floorwax

School Head Ache

As much as I want to avoid ranting against school authorities, I am here blogging at 4 AM. Sleep seemed to avoid me. Is this anxiety attack? Seven hours ago, unofficial time for DepEd employees, a message was sent in our group chat. It read that teachers need to contribute P187 because the tax from … Continue reading School Head Ache

Learning the Art of Saying “NO”

As a teacher, learning the art of saying "NO" to learners is quite a challenge. You are torn between giving your learner a chance or giving them the lesson they would not learn otherwise. The Impact of Saying "NO" Accepting a “no” for an answer is painful sometimes. Even if you intend to make things … Continue reading Learning the Art of Saying “NO”

Math Remedial & Enrichments

It's my first time to teach Math 7. I was confident at first, thinking that I can handle this learning content beyond a hundred percent. Unfortunately, delivering my lessons to very diverse learners is my single greatest dilemma. What more, they are the energetic and highly kinesthetic twelve-year-olds. Some are truly advanced that I find … Continue reading Math Remedial & Enrichments

Four Years in the Making…

I remember four years ago, I was only a wishful, frustrated, wanna-be teacher. I was unsure if I could make it.