Learning the Art of Saying “NO”

As a teacher, learning the art of saying "NO" to learners is quite a challenge. You are torn between giving your learner a chance or giving them the lesson they would not learn otherwise. The Impact of Saying "NO" Accepting a “no” for an answer is painful sometimes. Even if you intend to make things … Continue reading Learning the Art of Saying “NO”

3-Year Teacher Induction Program

It will take me three years to develop into the standard that the department requires but all I know is that, if I undergo this program, my learners will greatly benefit...

RQA Davao City 2017-2018 (Junior High School)

egistry of Qualified Applicants (RQA 2017-2018) were posted. This is for the Junior High School Results.

RQA Davao City 2017-2018 (Elementary)

FINALLY, the Registry for Qualified Applicants (RQA 2017-2018) were posted!

Oh No! Brigada Eskwela Coordinator Assignment!!!

Realizing the scope of being a Brigada Eskwela Coordinator, I now begin to wonder, "What on Earth did I sign up for?"

5 Ways to Maintain Professional Teacher Image

If followed solemnly, I figured it is a great tool to becoming the role model image of a professional teacher.

Erico T. Nograles NHS Teacher (Volunteer): Day 2

I arrived at 7:00 AM today at Erico T. Nograles National High School B in Barangay Bago Aplaya and got the chance to take some photos of its temporary school building.    

Public School Teacher (Volunteer): Day 1

As a newly established entity, Erico T. Nograles National High School-B in Bago Aplaya, has a lot of challenges to overcome in its first year of operation. One of them is the inadequacy of teachers. I am fortunate however, that after making it to the RQA, I am allowed to volunteer in this high school. … Continue reading Public School Teacher (Volunteer): Day 1

Teacher 1 Application: When There Is An Open Door

I have given the past five months of the year pursuing a teaching position in public schools. About three weeks ago, I made it through the Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA). Ideally, I should already have an item but I learned that I should never ever assume and be self-entitled. This waiting period now will make me … Continue reading Teacher 1 Application: When There Is An Open Door