Useful Sites

These two useful sites were essential of my passing the LET last August 2014. Even after the exams, I still visit them constantly for updates. I hope you would use these sites too!

First, to review for Mathematics, I used Khan Academy to refresh the very basic Math skills. It is a very useful site because once you sign up and create an account, you can track your progress. You can see the content areas that you have mastered. This provides a certain accomplishment and gives more confidence to take the LET. The next best thing is that, you could put extra work for areas that needs more of your focused attention.

Their site is very easy to use, too. When you review, you are as if playing a computer game and all you need to do is earn many points. Best if you see it for yourself though. I guarantee, Khan Academy is never a waste of time. In fact, I could not thank this site enough! I wouldn’t pass the LET were it not of its user-friendly interface. So, try it!

The second is Trust me, when you take the LET you need to be surrounded by a community of helpful and positive people. The forums are really insightful even after you take the LET. This site, for me, is like a fortress because I was only an Education earner. I suggest you create an account to this site.

These useful sites had helped me pass the LET and even today, while I venture on practicing the teaching profession, I still log in to them. I hope you will find these sites very useful, too!

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