CSS NC2: Second Week

Our focus this week is on converting and burning software apps. I am loving Power ISO now.

Next, we install OS on our laptop, client unit and the server unit.

I am overly impressed with CORE Institute of Technology’s learning facilities. I always feel like floating and living my dream vocational school. I previously enrolled CHS back in 2008. However, I didn’t have much motivation to learn or maybe I didn’t feel like I would learn anything from our trainer. In other words, I was disappointed. Enough of this rant, now.


We have to follow instructions properly especially in keying username and passwords for each unit. This is the lab’s standard.
Each unit is numbered. I am using number 10. Each station has a laptop, a client unit and a server unit.
I was unsuccessful burning files yesterday and so I had to catch up! yikes! Right now, I don’t think I’ll be a Nero girl anymore. Beginning to like Power ISO.




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