A Three-Week Off

I have been juggling teaching Science 7, attending my CSS classes, and editing my CBLM for TML1. I eventually got sick and is suffering from colds for almost three weeks now. It is a huge challenge on my first year in teaching at public schools. My cough is  louder than my speaking voice in class. I feel so embarrassed every time I call a student’s attention when they become unruly.

Aside from that, I realize that my teaching of the lower sections really suffer. I couldn’t deliver my lessons properly and I could see that my learners need a great deal of spoon feeding at first before they become independent. I understand their circumstance of course. I didn’t intend to cram Science facts and analysis on their throat. I do not intend to frustrate them with lessons that they cannot chew or swallow yet. Our principal mentioned, “Kung hindi natin tatanggapin, sino ang tatanggap sa kanila?” Her words melt my heart.

As much as I would like to assist them, I regret having this baggage. If there is one lesson I learn, taking care of my health should be on top of my list. I remember a sermon that spoke about our body. We can only serve as we are able. We can only serve if we are physically fit.

I feel truly bad that I had been complacent and did not eat much fruits and veggies. In spite everything though, I still appreciate the lessons I learn. Since I am slowly recovering, I must catch up as I am able. I really pity my students!

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