I am having a hard time establishing study habits for my LET review. I have a hard time balancing studying of God’s word, working in the office and tutoring from 6-9 pm. I don’t think I have the discipline. I honestly target topping the board. Now, I have pressured myself too much that I no longer want to review. I bought reviewers but I only get discouraged over doing some pre-tests. I can’t seem to pass the ideal grade.

It is always 66-69%. (T___T)

How on earth will I make it to top ten? I feel so unequipped, inadequate and unprepared. On the other hand, I find it harder to postpone it to January because doors might open, who knows what. Besides, I already written down and put my passing LET on my short-term goals. I badly need to pass it.


This is my only chance. Enough of this drama. I need to fight against my negativity, laziness and double mindedness.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

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