5 Reasons Why I Started My Teaching Career

I started to pursue a teaching career when I noticed that after toiling for five years to finish a bachelor’s degree in engineering and worked for 5.5 years for a non-profit organization, I was living inside a bubble. I had no definite goals and was directionless. I was a misfit both in my education and work choices.

So, what motivated my career shift? Here are 5 reasons why I shifted and started my teaching career:

  1. To Fulfill My Dream

    A favorite quote says “Better a has-been than a never-was; but better a never-was than a never-tried-to-be”. This quote has haunted me for 9 years and so I finally decided to go back to college in 2014. I attended classes on Sundays so that I could earn 27 units in Professional Education that would qualify me to take the LET (Licensure Exam for Teachers) and become a licensed teacher.

    The concept of career shift took me quite a long time to act upon because I was timid and a bit scared of expenses. But since that time, when I faced my fears and took the first step to fulfil my dream, I achieved accomplishments that I never imagined I could.

    The ultimate lesson on starting this teaching career is summarized by a popular Walt Disney quote: “If you can dream it; you can do it!”

  2. More Stable Source Of Income

    In 2013, it was announced that the previous corporate office that I worked with would transfer to Manila (I live in Davao). So I badly needed to create a new blueprint that would save me from the looming economic drought.

    It was difficult at first to land a spot on a more stable institution. But I figured I needed a bit of experience before I apply for public schools. Thus, I went to tutoring Korean students at first until January of 2015. After that, I bravely dove, yet unprepared, to teach in a private junior high school.

    Those short teaching experiences were a spring-board though because in the last quarter of 2016, I got hired as a public school teacher! Now, I could definitely say that my plan worked out and I have a more stable source of income and I don’t feel insecure anymore with my earning capacities. I can also easily make loans for interesting projects or save bigger amounts for some future investments.

  3. Expand My Life Experiences

    Starting a teaching career also creates an avenue to meet different types of people of different personalities, of different temperaments, of different maturity levels, of different character, with differing perspectives at times.

    Aside from reading books, being able to learn about other people’s stories expand my horizon on understanding the complexities of life. Thus, I am taught sympathy and empathy as well as patience, self-control and humility. I am taught to adjust and give the benefit of the doubt before jumping to conclusions. I won’t say it’s my practice all the time though. But at least, I am training.

  4. To Avoid Compromise With My Personal Beliefs

    Not only was I fulfilling a dream, I was also designing my life to avoid conflict between spiritual beliefs and work that’s why I started a teaching career. Since the law protects teachers who keep the Sabbath Day like me, a teaching profession better suits me. There are times when my beliefs are challenged though, but it is fine. Part of life!

  5. To Prepare For My Spiritual Goals

    My ultimate role model is Yahshua the Messiah (most of us are familiar with Jesus Christ). He is the greatest teacher of all and if I could walk this life just as He had walked, that will be the grandest Bucket List goals I would ever achieve!

    Having this teaching profession gives me countless opportunities to live up to God’s standards without the need of lecturing anyone but by simply living a life that pleases Him.

My pursuit in starting a teaching career and land a spot on public school took me about 3 years to complete. If you are on considering a career shift and your heart beats on serving others first than yourself, why not try this field? It will all be worth it!

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Started My Teaching Career

    1. Hi Romantic Alpha! No, I am not an SDA. But I keep the Biblical Sabbath Day (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset). It’s a way of life that I have been practicing for ten years now. So you are familiar pala of the Sabbath ano?

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