Why “iwannabeteacher”?

“iwannabeteacher” should have been called ‘a-wanna-be-teacher’ when I first conceptualize this site. A wanna-be is someone who copycats other people. But that is not the type of person I believe I am. I don’t want to be a copycat but rather, a genuine one. Thus, I want to be a teacher. Licensed. Professional. Public servant.

Because I wanted to become a teacher, I took a journey which was slowly but surely. The clear reason was that the idea of my pursuing a teaching practice was only born out of frustration of becoming one. So, I took each step patiently at a time.

By the way, I have a post that explains why I want to become a teacher. If you have time to spare, you may want to read the long story here. Or I will just simply type, for your convenience’s sake, because teaching has always been my dream over becoming an engineer.

To many people who I conversed with, they would react that the engineering degree could have given me more income generating opportunities than a teaching position. Yes, that is a fact which I wrestled far too many times and I always fall back to the question, “Will I be happy if I become an engineer instead?”

It was my dilemma then. I knew, even while I was still in college and enrolled in engineering, that I will never find myself in that field. I concluded far back then that I was a misfit. What more, happy?

I finished the engineering degree to avoid what-ifs in the future. Anyway, I could still take the Board if I decide to, so the engineering degree is not totally a closed chapter or a wasted one per se. But, for the time being, I needed to get real with myself.

I do not want to be just ‘a-wanna-be-teacher’ who copycats other people’s lives but I want to be the licensed professional teacher, who learns, grows, inspires and leaves an invisible worthwhile mark on people’s hearts for life. iwannabeteacher because this is my passion, my calling, my destiny.

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